Management Team

Ivan Miluska Dipl.Ing.

Owner & Senior System Architect
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Founder of BITech Factory GmbH. Ivan brings to BITech Factory GmbH more than 30 years of experience in the fields of:

  • Business analysis and system design in the Pharmacy (PH) business domains (especially Clinical Trial planning/conducting and Drug Monitoring)
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOA/OOD)
  • Advanced Web design technology (see: Web design)
  • Metadata driven frameworks (Network Application Rendering Model (NARM), Persistence Data Model (PDM))

In the IT business since 1974, beginning in the sector of mathematical simulation of chemical processes, through participation on development efforts on the "SIPRO" (Technical University, Brno, 1974-1978), a system which was analog to "Simula" (first object-oriented language developed in the 1960s at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo).

1981-2000 by CIBA-GEIGY Basel (after fusion 1996 Novartis). Since 1988 responsible for Object-Oriented technology.

2000-2002 by Sun Microsystems. Member of "Professional Services" group. Participating on the worldwide distribution of Java EE know-how.

2002-2009 back by Novartis. Member of IT/Innovation Management group.

2009 - spin-off and formation of own company.